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3/26/7 - The worm has turned. Now featuring reviews instead of simple lists of upcoming comics, ChristianComicBooks.net is here to serve! Want me to review a particular title, just let me know and I'll do my best. Are you a creator and want me to review your stuff, or, better yet, get my input before you commit to publishing anything? Please contact me! I'd love to help out!

10/11/6 - Back with more cryptic info...more soon, I promise.

4/7/6 - CHRISTIANCOMICS.NET is BACK ONLINE! The forums can't be stopped! If you're a fan, an artist or writer, or maybe just curious, check it out!

4/5/6 - I overhauled the whole list! This should be mostly complete, and if you find something incorrect, incomplete or missing, PLEASE let me know! I will be adding things as they come, but this should give you all an overview of how the year looks (so far, anyway!) Go, Buy, Enjoy!

10/11/5 - Please let me apologize for not updating for a while...my webhost (1&1) transitioned to a new format and I couldn't get in to edit! But I'm back, ready to roll, and I should be doing a major overhaul very soon! Made some minor corrections (mostly deletions) but will soon be adding some more great titles! Stay tuned!

9/2/5 - Well, there has been a lot going on in Christian comics movement, and since this site and I myself continue to be a part of it I have had trouble finding time to update the site for a while, but I have recently added some new items as well as more content on some existing ones. I should be getting information from some other publishers about the titles they have in the pipeline (Y'hear me publishers? Get me the information! Please!) and those will be posted as soon as I can get them up here. And I should be polishing up the site a bit more in the coming week. Enjoy!

7/20/5 - I have updated the site since early May but I haven't been to this page for a while. So here goes! Lots of moving and shaking in the Christian-created comic field, and I've been interviwed a few times concerning the industry! Let's just say that you should be keeping an eye on these titles and creators, because 2005 to 2006 is going to be a make-it-or-break-it time for this industry! That being said, let me know if there is ANYTHING I can do to make this a better experience for you, the reader and fan. Publishers, keep me updated! Reach me at stevemmacdonaldATmsnDOTcom (two "m"s in the middle!) and let's all get behind this thing and push!

5/2/5 - Some computer problems kept me away for a bit, but I'm back! I'll be posting some new stuff soon, so please send in anything you think should be added! And while you're waiting, check out the information on MASS Comic Digest!

Also, congratulations to Alias Enterprises for their big spread in Previews Magazine! Alias publishes some non-Christian comics over there as well, but Armorquest got a Spotlight feature, and they don't just hand those things out like finger sandwiches at a garden party! Check it out...a great concept and the coolest art since Simonson's Thor!

4/5/5 - Polished up the site, added and subtracted a few things. Check out April, it looks to be a big month for this stuff! And Martin R. Oakley's Twilight: Liturgy is now on permanent hiatus.

3/17/5 - Updated column and featured item. Also changed the ratings on Deal with the Devil, as Sherwin Schwartzrock tells me that the questionable language will not be part of the regular issues. 

3/1/5 - Corrected a few things and moved some outstanding February releases to March. And be sure to check out AnimeAngels March issue for the debut of ChristianComicBooks.net's print version (Grand Central) for the Summer releases! Oh, yeah, and some ground-breaking anime might be in there as well.

2/27/5 - Straight from Bud Rogers over there at Community Comics comes the updated Community schedule for 2005 (and early 2006), now corrected in the main list. You might find a few titles missing, but Bud assures us that HeroTV, Chosen Mortals and Messiah are all still in progress, just not ready to be locked into the schedule yet. Thanks Bud!

2/22/5 - I corrected a few niggling bits and added a few things. Twilight: Liturgy #1 and Beyond Mortality #1 from Martin R. Oakley are now being pushed back to Summer.

2/9/5 - *EXCLUSIVE*

Eye Witness
: Acts of the Spirit picks up the story right where "A Fictional Tale of Absolute Truth" (available at www.headpress.info) left off. Did anyone survive the explosion? Will the new evidence of the existence of Jesus become public? Follow along, as the story of the birth of Christianity journeys into the book of Acts. Acts of the Spirit is the second of three graphic novels, with story and art by Robert James Luedke and will be published by Head Press in Spring of 2006 (that's next year, which will give you plenty of time to read issue 1!)

2/8/5 - UPDATE - Added titles (from Kandora, Cahaba, E Train, God and Country, Head Press...) and moved some titles around...thanks to all the publishers and creators who have contacted me! Community Comics and Alias Enterprises titles should be up to date and correct by the end of the week, so any questions on them, please let me know.

2/7/5 - UPDATE - Steve Beckett of Undercurrent Comics says:
"SAM119 issue 2 is available now. Issue 3 was due for release at the end of this month but will now be available early March. Issue 4 is scheduled for End of May release."

2/5/5 Christiancomicbooks.net is up and running! Happy 0th birthday!

As per Bud Rogers from our buddies over at Communitycomics.com, Metron Press is no longer carrying any of Mario Ruiz' upcoming projects. These will be published sometime in the future through Mario's Valor Comics (www.valorcomics.com) line. The Metron Press website is out of date.

Thanks Bud! I have deleted Mario's Metron titles from the listings.

Also, Sam119 may be behind schedule, due to other Sam119-related news. I will report anything I find about this as soon as I know anything. [see update above]